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We were delighted to celebrate the return of CraftWorks in FEBRUARY at BAFTA 195 (see the film and link below for the background).

For 2019, CraftWorks will exist in a multitude of different formats which will include several London shows at BAFTA and other local and worldwide venues.

In MARCH, Jason chaired a panel at Advertising Week Europe - Directing Skill Sets: The Contrasting Demands of Television and Advertising - with directors Benjamin Green (MindsEye) and Molly Manners (Academy).

In APRIL, MPC hosted a CraftWorks short films special, with screenings and chat from Florence Keith-Roach,
Malcolm Green, Jack Spring and Lily Rose Thomas.

In MAY, CraftWorks heads across the pond to be part of the CICLOPE programme in Los Angeles and Mexico City.

Here’s Editor Jason Stone’s report from the February event