We were delighted to celebrate the return of CraftWorks in We are delighted to celebrate the return of CraftWorks in 2019, curated by David Review’s EditorJason Stone and produced in association with JW Collective.

In FEBRUARY we staged the first event at BAFTA 195. Director James Marsh and Nils Leonard talked about the ITV Drama promos; we screened the latest winner of Homespun Yarn from director Steve Moss; an interview with Charlotte Bavasso; Strictly Superbowl featured Vaughan Arnell, Anna Carpen, Sue Higgs and Antoinette de Lisser; and we reunited Tom Carty and Walter Campbell. Here’s Jason’s report:

In MARCH, Jason chaired a panel at Advertising Week Europe - Directing Skill Sets: The Contrasting Demands of Television and Advertising - with directors Benjamin Green (MindsEye) and Molly Manners (Academy).

In APRIL, MPC hosted a CraftWorks short films special, with screenings and chat from Florence Keith-Roach,
Malcolm Green, Jack Spring and Lily Rose Thomas.

In MAY, CraftWorks headed across the pond to be part of the CICLOPE programme. Los Angeles, hosted at 72andSunny, featured the panel ‘Divided by a common language: Brits in America’ with Kate Morrison, Anna Hashmi, Sally Campbell and Juliet Tierney; plus a live interview with Floria Sigismondi. Mexico City also hosted the Latino awards event, with a behind the scenes interview with Rodrigo Saavedra.

In JUNE, we staged the second BAFTA 195 show. Speakers included Tom Tagholm, Declan Lowney, Paul Burke, Mark Denton, Rosie Arnold and Antoinette de Lisser.

In JULY, LOCO hosted a CRAFTWORKS comedy special evening at the BFI. We featured the new Virgin Trains commercial with a panel that included Sorcha Shepherd, Mike Whiteside, Ben Robinson, Olly Williams and the actor Mike Wozniak; a Strictly Comedy session with Juliet May, Ed Sayers, Paul Burke and Hughie Phillips; and a special interview with comedy legend John Lloyd.

We take a break in AUGUST but will be back with further events in 2019, including a dedicated London show in OCTOBER at The Regent Street Cinema and bespoke panels for The Kinsale Sharks, The IPA, BBH and at Focus. Please keep an eye on for more information.

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