Outpost VFX Creates Beautiful VFX for Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals / by Jane White

Nocturnal Animals paper cut image.jpg

Outpost VFX provided 200 VFX shots for this project, this included a number of sequences where the story jumps back in time about 18 years, meaning the lead characters required extensive VFX beauty work to take them back to their early 20’s. 

Given’s Ford’s well known eye for detail and perfection the challenge was to strike the perfect balance between youthfulness and realism.  Although the majority of the shots were full face close up’s the performances were in no way limited by VFX requirements during the shoot so the final shots are completely natural and beautiful. The technique used to create this took the VFX team back to their fine art roots.  

CEO and Outpost supervisor on the project, Duncan McWilliam was aware from the beginning of the challenges faced by the team, “Each shot was an exercise in craftsmanship and subtlety, Tom Ford’s vision was that the beauty work looked absolutely real and in no way airbrushed or plastic.  It was important to ensure perfect facial continuity across each differently lit scene and the talented VFX artists certainly achieved this”.